Perfect for the long drive home for the holidays.

By Corey Williams
Updated November 20, 2018
Nick Offerman
Credit: Audible

“Mark Twain was a gluttonous lover of life. A spiritual role model for people who love good food, good writing, good books. I find him remarkable.”

So begins Twain’s Feast, a Nick Offerman-narrated audiobook that delves deep into an elaborate fantasy meal that Mark Twain dreamed up in 1879.

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Twain (whose real name was Samuel Clemens) found himself wildly desperate for an American meal while on a book tour of Europe. So desperate, in fact, he created a detailed menu of all the familiar foods he longed for, from fried oysters to raccoon.

The Audible original is a re-imagining of Andrew Beahrs’ 2010 book of the same name that was inspired by Twain’s colorful list.

In Twain’s Feast, Beahrs used the menu as a jumping-off point to explore Twain’s life, the history of culinary America, and the country’s forgotten foods. Rather than a traditional audiobook, Audible’s version is a mix of interviews, readings, and musings from Offerman.

The Parks & Recreation star is a fitting narrator for the story—he’s long been outspoken about his fondness for the American author. He doesn’t hold back a bit. In Chapter 2, Offerman tries raccoon.

“It landed,” he says.

The audiobook is about four and a half hours long—long enough to get invested, short enough to knock out on a road trip.