Mark your calendars.
Credit: Ozgur Coskun/Getty Images

For years, National Bagel Day has been celebrated on February 9.

Here’s the issue with that: National Pizza Day is also celebrated on February 9.

Let’s be honest--bagels vs. pizza isn’t exactly a fair fight. I’m not saying that a slice of pizza is necessarily better than a good bagel (because trust me, I have thoughts), but one is clearly showier than the other.

That’s why Thomas’ English Muffins and Bagels asked bagel lovers across the country to vote on a new date--and vote they did: January 15 is now officially National Bagel Day.

"Choosing between celebrating bagels and pizza felt like a decision that no carb-lover should ever have to make," said Richard Link, Senior Marketing Director of Thomas'. "We felt it was our duty to bagel lovers everywhere to 'toast' up a celebration that's anything but plain! We're grateful to our fans for rallying behind this decision and to Chase's Calendar of Events for certifying January 15 as our official date. We look forward to making this the best National Bagel Day yet."

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Thomas' is going all out to celebrate this momentous occasion: Consumers in Philadelphia can “pop out” of a larger-than-life Thomas' toaster “to capture their ultimate National Bagel Day memory.” There’ll also be a giant bagel wall for more photo opportunities.

If you’re not in Philadelphia, you can enter to win free bagels for a year on Thomas’ Facebook page on January 15.