People are actually moving away.
Credit: Elizabeth Watt/Getty Images

A mystery man has been delivering unwanted bologna sandwiches to New Mexico residents—and they are fed up.

Sharisha Morrison of Albuquerque told news channel KOB-4 that the sandwiches, which always arrive in plastic grocery bags, started showing up at the beginning of January.

At first she thought it was a random, and very odd, act of kindness. But then she realized that the bags smelled of urine. URINE, you guys.

One of his visits was caught on surveillance tape:

This should go without saying, but here it is: Unless someone specifically asks for a pee-soaked bologna sandwich (hey, I’m not here to judge), you probably shouldn’t give them one.

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Morrison, who is concerned for her child’s safety, says that her neighbors are also receiving the mysterious packages—and they’re actually leaving the neighborhood as a result.

“They’re actually moving out because they’re tired of it,” Morrison said.

The police have been called, but say their hands are tied unless they catch the guy during a delivery.