For lunch boxes, afternoon snacking, tailgate parties, and more, this new goodie from Archer Farms is a must.
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PSA: Apple chips are d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s, delicious.

They’re one of the [very] few dried fruit items I feel confident saying that about. I recognize this is merely my opinion, but I don’t believe fruit should have the mouthfeel of a fine Italian leather handbag. Apple chips, on the other hand, they’re not pruny and bizarrely gummy; when done right, they’re dehydrated to crisp, just ever-so-gracefully chewy, snackable perfection. (Side note: Did you know “pruny” isn’t a real word? I definitely just learned that… I employ a lot of made-up words in my everyday vocabulary, but I never would’ve guessed pruny to be among them. Weird.) Delightfully crisp and full of concentrated apple flavor, apple chips are awesome for pairing with dips (both sweet and savory), breaking up and sprinkling over salads, munching on all on their own, and more.

As with most of the great snacking foods of our time, you have two possible paths to bringing apple chips into your life: You can go all DIY and dedicate an afternoon to making your own (we have a great recipe if you wanna go that route) or you can save yourself some time and effort and buy them (like you would pretty much any other type of chip). I can tell you right now, I’ll be buying mine—A.) because I’m just not, and never will be, the chick that patiently makes batch after batch of her own apple chips on a breezy, autumn Sunday afternoon and B.) Target has made it to where I really don’t need to (yet again improving my quality of life by simply existing).

Credit: Courtesy of Target

Courtesy of Target

I recently tasted—and if I’m being completely honest, am currently eating—Archer Farms’ Apple Chips, and I am beyond certain that they are far better than any half-hearted attempt I’d ever make myself. The chips, made from slices of fresh, skin-on apple, are a new, limited edition release from Archer Farms, hitting shelves (along with a handful of other spanking-new seasonal treats) at a Target near you this Sunday, September 3rd. Insanely crisp and airy, and packed with sweet, intensely applely flavor, it’s borderline impossible to eat just one. And I’m not alone in my apple chip fandom; our staff was, overall, really into these. Here’s a small taste of what other MyRecipes staffers had to say:

If you’re into an apple-spice flavor profile, the Archer Farms Apple Chips are also available in a cinnamon variety; however, our team generally preferred the OG plain chips for their more delicate sweetness and versatility as far as serving potential. Even the plain chips clearly have a bit of added sweetness beyond the apples’ natural sugars, but most tasters did not find it to be in any way overwhelming. In fact, I think these chips would be fantastic served alongside something on the savory side, like a tangy goat cheese dip, for and easy, impressive fall appetizer.

All of which is to say, if you are anything like myself and posses no earthly desire to spend hours dehydrating apples in your oven (even though the idea of having a bin of fresh apple chips to toss into your kids' lunch or tote to a pregame party is really appealing), I’d highly recommend grabbing a couple bags of these from Target and calling it a day.

By Darcy Lenz and Darcy Lenz