An investigation.
American Girl vs. Ree Drummond
Credit: American Girl / Twitter

American Girl’s 2019 Girl of the Year is Blaire Wilson, a spunky chef-in-training. Her story is told in a series of books that detail the trials and tribulations of her life as a tiny cook with a food sensitivity and a cell phone addiction.

Here’s the thing about Blaire, though: She bears a striking resemblance to the Pioneer Woman. Like really, really striking.

As Delish pointed out, the similarities aren’t just skin/plastic deep.

Let’s break this down:

1. She looks exactly like Ree Drummond.

Long red hair? Check. Green eyes? Check. Colorful wardrobe and an affinity for bright, floral patterns? Double check.

I mean, just look at Blaire's apron:

2. She’s a home cook who lives on a farm.

Blaire is a budding chef who lives on a spacious sustainable farm and puts her talents to use in the kitchen at her family’s bed-and-breakfast.

Drummond might run her own empire now, but she got her start as a humble food blogger in 2006. Her entire career is built around her love of cooking and her life on the ranch.

I don’t know about you, but I see a folksy Food Network show in Blaire’s future.

3. She’s a blogger.

Per a product description on American Girl’s website: “Blaire loves testing recipes in her mom’s restaurant kitchen and blogging about their cooking adventures on the farm’s website.”

Are you freaking kidding me?

4. She’s a gardener.

We haven’t heard much about Drummond’s gardening exploits lately, but past blog entries prove she has a definite green thumb. Because of course she does.

If you thought for one second that Blaire would buy her produce at the grocery store like the rest of us lazy losers, you need to pay more attention.

5. Did I mention that she looks and dresses exactly like Ree Drummond?

Just making sure.

Yes, there are a few key differences between Blaire Wilson and Ree Drummond:

  1. Blaire has a cell phone addiction. I can’t speak to Drummond’s relationship with technology.
  2. Blaire is a child. Drummond is an adult woman.
  3. Blaire is a doll. Drummond is a human.

But that’s pretty much where the disparities end. At least the Barbie people admitted they cloned her.

I’m not saying this doll is actually Ree Drummond—but have you ever seen them in the same room?

I didn’t think so.