Skip the preheating and get to eating.

Despite the fact that people do it all the time and live to tell the tale, the average roll of cookie dough you buy in a store technically isn’t “edible,” likely stemming from corporate liability concerns as much as anything.

Thankfully, anyone who’s currently going through a rough breakup, bailing on a New Year’s Resolution, or just eating really good right now will be relieved to know that there is cookie dough out there that’s explicitly marketed as safe to eat. And as a matter of fact, Nestle Toll House, the brand behind some of the dough you’ve probably used to bake cookies, is on the verge of dropping two new tasty, colorful flavors for your cookie dough chomping pleasure.

That information comes courtesy of none other than Instagram-wielding snack-finding influencer @CandyHunting, who posted a photo of the new Funfetti and Fudge Brownie flavors. Apparently, these new flavors will release “toward the end of the month,” building on the existing chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip options already on store shelves.

Both flavors prove there’s more to eating cookie dough than your typical chocolate chip. Funfetti is bright and bursting with colorful candy sprinkles and “made with 100% real fun.” Who knows exactly what that’s supposed to mean, but this thing is definitely cut out of the sugar cookie cloth. While Funfetti feels light and playful, Fudge Brownie seems rich, dark, and decadent by comparison. Maybe legally edible brownie batter is a bridge too far, but this flavor option is probably the next best thing.

So if you were ever looking for an excuse to casually sample some cookie dough with absolutely zero plans to actually bake cookies, your options have never been better. So cancel whatever plans you had later this month (all of them, just to be safe), and schedule in some spoon time with this edible cookie dough. If you opt for Funfetti you can even pretend it’s a little party.