As if the beer wasn't already a favorite of college students
Credit: Geber86/Getty Images

For most millennials, Natural Light instantly transports us back to college, where we all dutifully waited until we turned 21 to drink Anheuser Busch’s budget pilsner. But soon after we grabbed our diplomas with hazily-formed memories of sticky floors, frat parties, and flip cup, many of us woke up to something far more unshakable than a light beer hangover: crippling student loan debt.

Well, it turns out that Natty Light can actually be of use after college, too. That’s because the beer brand is relaunching its College Debt Relief Program for 2019. Introduced last year, the program will see Natty donate $10 million over a ten-year period to help deserving college drinkers chip away at some of the $1.5 trillion in nationwide student loan debt that’s made it hard for many recent grads to find financial stability out in the real world.

For Natty Light, the move represents an—ahem— natural pairing between their primary demographic and the most pervasive challenge they face. “Student debt in America continues to rise, so we're coming back with an even stronger commitment that will make an impact well beyond 2019," Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch, said in a press release. "We're making a pledge to give back $10 million over the next decade to help out even more deserving individuals and shine a brighter light on the issue of college debt."

Lest you think the $10 million is going to one college grad who will pay off their loans and then promptly never work again, it turns out the pot will be split a little more evenly. Natty is giving out $1 million a year to up to 70 individuals who make a compelling case as to why they deserve some student loan help.

To claim some of that money, you’ll have to post a video to social media by May 18th explaining your inspiration for attending college (ideally discussing more than your desire to improve your beer pong skills), using #NattyStories and #Contest. You’ll also have to prove you’re still willing to drink Natty Light by including the green dollar-sign tab featured on limited edition cans. Taking a break from pretending you’re an adult who likes craft beer now won’t kill you.

Assuming it’s split evenly, each of the 70 annual winners would get about $14,285 before tax. Maybe not enough to vanquish your student loans once and for all, but it’d make a pretty sizable dent. And it’s definitely enough to justify throwing a college-level rager in celebration.