Mark your calendars for July 13!

Make no mistake about it: people love French fries. I mean, they’re a ubiquitous side at diners, delis, fast food restaurants, and even high-end steakhouses for a reason. As with pretty much any other food or drink out in the world, there also exists a National French Fry Day, every July 13.

While most (ok, all) of these national food days are rather silly, the humble French fry ranks among the rare class of foods worthy of such a celebration. That’s at least in part because so many fry-friendly establishments will mark the occasion with limited-time deals. To help you keep track of them all, here’s a list of some of the major eateries offering National French Fry Day deals and the relevant details you should know, thanks to help from RetailMeNot.

McDonald’s: Let’s kick it off with the one fry-selling joint that absolutely everyone has heard of. On Monday, July 13, any purchase of at least $1 in the McDonald’s app will come with a free order of medium fries.

BurgerFi: At Burgerfi, National Fry Day is actually National Fry Week. On Monday, July 13 (the actual day), you can get a half-priced double cheeseburger with an in-store purchase of a regular fry order. From July 14-17, any purchase through the BurgerFi app comes with a free regular-sized order of fries.

Red Robin: What’s better than fries? An endless supply of fries. Order a burger starting at $6.99 and they’re yours. Best of all, this seems like the kind of deal you can just enjoy all the time if you’re worried about avoiding those massive National French Fry Day crowds.

Sheetz: If you love fries and would never be caught dead at a Wawa (or just want to get a head start on celebrating this food holiday), convenience chain Sheetz has you covered. On Saturday July 11th, anyone who orders through the Sheetz app is entitled to their very own order of free fries.

Farmer Boys: If you need free fries in California or Las Vegas, the Farmer Boys have you covered. Their “Always Crispy” fries will be available for just a buck from noon onward on Monday, July 13. If you happen to be a “Very Important Farmer,” scan a receipt from National Fry Day to get another chance to eat $1 fries loaded into your account.

Shari’s: In what may be the weirdest National French Fry Day promo, Shari’s will let you get your favorite slice of Shari’s Pie served on top of an order of fries for just $1. The offer is only available for dine-in orders between 6 PM and midnight. It’s unclear how state-level regulations might affect the offer.

Checkers/Rally’s: Checkers and Rally’s locations are offering $1 any size fries from 12:00am on Monday, July 13 to the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 14.

KFC: On Monday, July 13, customers can get an individual order of KFC’s new Secret Recipe Fries for 30 cents with any purchase at participating locations.

Though you definitely have some options to work with here, keep your eyes peeled. There’s a decent chance other chains (and especially burger spots) will have some kind of fry deal going on July 13, especially for orders placed through their apps. No matter what you do, DO NOT share your fries with anyone.