We are beyond excited about what's happening today. The start of the World Cup? Nope. The NBA Finals? Not quite. The U.S. Open? Not even close. Today is even bigger than when our homemade pickles were ready to eat.


Today, MyRecipes launched its Roku channel. You can now watch over 250 of our videos while you unwind at night or get heated in the kitchen. What kind of videos, you ask? In a word, everything, including Grilling, Salads, Learn to Cook, Meatless, Pasta & Grains, Chicken and Poultry, Beef, Pork & Lamb, Fish & Shellfish, Desserts, 5 Ingredients or Less, Chefs & Restaurants, and Soups & Stews episodes.


You can use the channel to help you find what to make for dinner. Mmm... chicken.


And when you search for chicken? Delicious how-to video, recipe demos, and Ask the Expert questions pop right onto your screen.


What are you waiting for? We'll see you on Roku.

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel