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A week of farmers’ markets, hosting happy hours, and Cardi B’s baby.

Arielle Weg
July 13, 2018

We’re in full summer swing this week at MyRecipes, and are making plans to head to our local farmer’s market this weekend to make the most of the season’s produce. Writer Gillie Houston shared how to save and when to splurge at the farmer’s market, so we can make the most of our weekly shopping spree (and not blow the budget). She suggests splurging on of-the-moment produce for the best nutrients and flavor. So that means plan to fill your baskets with heirloom tomatoes for tomato salads, blueberries for cobbler, and okra for any of our 24 best okra recipes. We’ll be eating well this weekend for sure!

Longer days also means ample time for inviting friends over for drinks and snacks. After all, Michael Pollan taught us “cooking is an expression of love,” so we’re throwing all the dinner parties this summer. But if inviting all your friends over for a full feast seems a little intimidating, we’re so here for hosting a happy hour at home. It’s way less pressure with all the perks. And for a last-minute, low-key event you might consider serving up one of these bottled cocktails that are actually worth buying. For something extra special, try writer Briana Riddock’s incredibly delicious DIY mascarpone cheese—simply put it out with a drizzle of honey and plenty of crusty bread, like she served it up in our test kitchen, and watch your friends go wild.

Of course, partying isn’t the only thing we do around here. We also learned a ton of practical cooking and kitchen tips this week. Writer Elizabeth Laseter taught us how to skin and portion fish without completely mutilating it (because, we’ve all been there)—just another reason you’ll want to make sure you keep your kitchen knives sharp. Speaking of, just a little PSA: Everyone needs a handy paring knife. And if you’ve ever had a little kitchen mishap, now we know what to do supposing the oven catches fire mid-cooking (we’ve been there too). Finally, writer Kimberly Holland gave us a definitive answer for when it is and is not ok to eat moldy foods. So scrape off your moldy cheddar and pop it back in the fridge—because it’s totally safe to keep enjoying.

Now, if you paid any attention to pop culture news this week, you know rapper Cardi B had a baby girl, Kulture. As soon as Baby K hits 4 months, we’re ready with a simple guide to making DIY baby foods that Mama Cardi B could spoon feed her mini diva-to-be, supposing she is a regular MyRecipes reader and sees said guide (we like to think she is and will). Beyond being cheaper and more nutritious, making your own baby food from scratch is way easier than we even expected. Seems like a winning solution all around.

To close off the week on a sweet note, we’re excited to celebrate National Ice Cream Day this Sunday, July 15th with sweet deals like free cones from Carvel, discounted pints of Ben & Jerry’s from Whole Foods, and a complimentary blizzard from DQ. Claim yours and keep cool this weekend, folks.

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