There were adventures in vegan yogurt, leftover frying oil revelations, and so much Ben & Jerry's.
Ben & Jerry's
Credit: Ben & Jerry's

How is it still January? I’m pretty sure we’re about 8 months into 2018. No? Well alright then—February, where you at? As we head into Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day territory, there’s certainly a bunch of reasons to start getting excited. Even though it’s beginning to feel like the ninth week of January (winter blues are real), there’s still plenty going on here at MyRecipes, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss a single beat.

Taste tests. All the taste tests this week. We puckered our way through an undeniably brutal vegan yogurt sampling, and then rewarded ourselves for this dedication to journalism by seeing what the new Ben & Jerry’s flavors were all about. Both vegan yogurt and B&J’s ice cream, we learned, are both...very chunky. Let’s just say that the chunkiness quality in one is far better than the other. Moral of the story–yogurt and ice cream are both meant to be made with dairy milk. End of story.

Once we cleansed our palates from these two very different experiences, it was onto eggs—a subject that we never get bored of around here (but really, eggs are a topic of conversation that is simply inexhaustible). This week was all about mastering the art of the soft-boiled egg, and let’s just say, we definitely did. If there’s one thing that you did this weekend, this should definitely be it, you little egg magician, you.

Moving right along, we found ourselves in quite the frying does one efficiently and effectively fry enough food for only one person without wasting time and food? It’s not as hard as it might seem—and don’t worry, our suggestion isn’t to find a friend (although that always helps). Now that we’re slinging breaded chicken and latkes with ease, the question lingers, what the heck am I supposed to do with all this leftover frying oil? Not the drain. Avoid the drain. And while we’re on the topic of cooking fats, let’s bring this conversation around to Crisco, everybody’s favorite shortening. Did you know that the police rubbed this on poles around the city of Philadelphia to prevent excited fans from scaling them? Clever. Turns out, there’s tons that you can do with this pantry staple, and the fun doesn’t stop at pie dough.

Obviously, we’re starting to think about V-day, and there’s arguably nothing more delicious to make than these two irresistible pasta dishes—not to mention, they’re very gentle on your wallet. Relationship status aside, these recipes are tried and true winners. If February 14th isn’t a day that you can get particularly excited about, this is definitely something that you can: Next week is BEEF WEEK at MyRecipes, and we’d like to argue that a hearty sirloin is just as good for the heart as a so-called “significant other.” So don’t forget to hit up the butcher this weekend so you can join us in the joyous celebration of the superior animal protein (and be sure to throw our official Beef Week hashtag, #BeefMyWeek, on any beefy pics you may post to the gram). See you next week where we’ll do it all over again.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane