Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. 

By Antara Sinha
October 26, 2018
Photo: Aaron Kirk; Prop Stylist: Sarah Elizabeth Cleveland; Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall

With Halloween mere days away, it goes without saying we’ve got candy on our mind, and a lot of it. From seasonal, spooky treats like these Sour Patch Zombies, the deep dive into candy corn that you never knew you needed, and the perfect Halloween candy to pair with your wine, to this declaration on the Halloween candies we’ve declared the worst—to say we’ve had a sweet tooth this week would be a major understatement.
And it feels like everyone else is feeding into the sugar frenzy too. Oreo is coming out with their most-stuffed cookie yet (appropriately called “Most Stuf”). We gave Ben & Jerry’s new snackable cookie dough a try. Costco has a four-pound pumpkin pie you can buy for only five bucks. It’s been dessert-central up in this office and we’re not at all mad about it.
And it doesn’t end at sweets—so many restaurants and stores are getting geared up for Halloween, with deals on everything from pizza, to drinks, to doughnuts and burgers. You could even make a day out of it and get a whole day’s worth of meals by committing to the freebies if you’re about that life. We’re not here to judge.   
We’ve also been loving seeing all of your tasty, scary, creepy, and adorable Halloween treats on social media—there are some crazy creative cooks out there. From spider-shaped bread dipping bowls, “mummified” stuffed peppers, and these drop-dead adorable monster marshmallow pops, it looks like all of your Halloween get-togethers and parties are going to full of fun, festive food. Make sure to share the highlights with us with #trymyrecipes on Instagram!  

But of course, despite the festive Halloween atmosphere, real life doesn’t pause for you to dive headfirst into a candy coma. (We wish it would, though.) Chances are, you still need to meal-prep, make sure that weekend potluck goes smoothly, and are looking for tasty breakfast options to keep the whole family fueled so, of course, we’ve still got your back as we all try to navigate shorter days, and colder weather. That being said, we’re carving a little extra time out this weekend for some autumn baking projects. On our list? Some new staff favorites: These Butternut-Nut Butter Bars, made with butternut squash, will have you wondering why pumpkin reigns supreme for fall treats, anyway. And this Gingerbread Fudge may be your go-to hostess gift, office party treat—or treat-yourself indulgence. There’s no point fighting it—just lean into the sugar this week.