We're full steam ahead into the holiday season.

By Antara Sinha
Updated November 02, 2018
Gingerbread Fudge image
Credit: Aaron Kirk; Prop Stylist: Sarah Elizabeth Cleveland; Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall

Anyone else recovering from a Halloween candy-induced sugar coma? If you’re like us, you’ve got way too much of those goodies leftover, and you want them out of sight. (Turns out there’s a scientific reason you can’t stop eating them up.) Our favorite ways to put them to good use? Donate them to a good cause. Save them and transform them into a comforting hot beverage during the holiday season. Or, bake them into fresh treats that you can share at work. They’ll actually get eaten up and enjoyed instead of joining the sad pile of leftover candy from every other colleague’s trick-or-treat stash.

Of course, we’re now in that weird transitional part of the season where the spooks and scares of Halloween are behind us, but the preparation and anticipation of Thanksgiving is still three weeks away--this means tons of fall entertaining, Friendsgiving, potlucks, and cozy get-togethers. If you’re stumped on what to bring to the seemingly endless barrage of potlucks and parties, we’ve got you covered. This speedy appetizer can be whipped up with just three Trader Joe’s products—and it’s guaranteed to be a crowd favorite. Thinking of preparing a simple cheese platter? We’ve answered every question you’ve ever had about cheese—starting with why goat cheese is sold in those weird vacuum sealed packages, anyway. If you’re planning on mixing up fall entertaining by hosting a brunch instead, you can now poach eggs for a crowd without fear. Just do us all a favor—avoid a disaster by making sure to check the inside of your oven before heading into a cooking frenzy.

With the first few weeks of November ushering in cold, gray, drab evenings, you’re going to want to reach for the warmest, coziest, most comforting foods you can muster up on a chilly weeknight. We recommend a crowd favorite: This Spicy Thai Chicken Soup that has a near-perfect five-star rating. With tons of bright flavors like ginger and lemongrass, and a creamy coconut milk base, it’ll wake up even the dreariest, darkest nights as we head into the end of Daylight Saving Time. Of course, it’s also time to usher in all of those holiday flavors we’ve been holding back on. Gingerbread, white chocolate, peppermint—we’re looking at you. Kick off the start of cookie and dessert swap season with this Gingerbread Fudge that was a staff favorite, or any of these peppermint desserts that’ll have you blasting your favorite holiday songs as you’re cooking.