Weekend baking projects, but also speedy dinners. It's all about balance. 

By Antara Sinha
October 19, 2018
Photo: Aaron Kirk; Prop Stylist: Sarah Elizabeth Cleveland; Food Stylist: Paige Grandjean

Remember when we couldn’t wait for summer to turn into fall? Now that it’s here, it feels like it’s speeding by faster than we can keep up. Halloween costumes have been on sale in stores for what feels like weeks. We somehow blazed past apple season before we really got around to appreciating all of the cakes and snacks it has to offer. And now, a full 67 days before Christmas, we’re already fawning over advent calendars.
Seriously, with the breakneck speed by which fall is passing, we’re getting extremely nostalgic for when we were kids and every little change of the season felt like an event. We can’t live in the past—you know, back when people had literal family reunions and parties over maple syrup tapping and cheese making—but maybe we should all take the weekend to pause and take a breath. Carve a pumpkin. Whip up some comfort food that reminds you of home. Pop some buttery-sweet rolls into the oven like these Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls with Cinnamon-Honey Butter. Put some weekend baking projects on your to-do list (but make sure you’ve got the right flour stocked, first.) Let’s see if we can will autumn into not racing past us.
Of course, not every meal needs to be all pumpkin spice and maple. And who says every weekend dinner needs to be super elaborate and labor-intensive? Baked ziti, a quick fried rice like this Beef Crumble Fried Rice, or a speedy stir-fry—with the perfect sauce, of course—doesn’t need to be a busy weeknight afterthought. It’ll get everyone around the table for a hassle-free weekend supper too.            

We also spent a good bit of the week myth-busting and coming up with cooking hacks to make your kitchen life that much easier and effective. Turns out there’s a lot of misconceptions we all have about frozen food, and there are actually some common kitchen supplies you can use the next time you run out of dishwasher detergent.
And of course we’ve got Halloween on our mind this whole month, especially now with the holiday just a couple weeks around the corner. It feels like every restaurant and retailer has some sort of spooky and tasty deal to lure us in for a seasonal treat, from Wawa, to Burger King to Cheesecake Factory—even the Disney parks are jumping on the pumpkin-everything trend. It also turns out that every state has their own favorite Halloween candy. Did your favorite candy bar make the cut for your home state? Even if it didn’t, stocking up on your favorite candy in preparation for trick-or-treaters sounds like a great weekend activity to get in the fall spirit.