The solutions to all the resolutions.
Cabbage Salad with Miso Vinaigrette
Credit: Jennifer Causey

They say that waking up is hard to do.

Especially waking up at 6 A.M. to head back to the office and make a feeble attempt at pulling your life together after taking a week off for the holidays. Even with the most gung-ho of new year, new you sentiments, it’s hardly a secret that sliding back into your groove and getting the resolutions rolling can be rough those first few days of January. I feel I can safely speak for the group in saying that Team MyRecipes felt the holiday hangover hard this week.

The good news is, that struggle being oh-so real inspired our writers and editors to pull together a few highly valuable resources to help anyone looking to get a leg up on 2019. Ready to pummel those food resolutions??

Yeah you are!

Let’s start with cooking more at home—a popular New Year’s goal that’s beneficial to one’s health, wallet, and even time spent with loved ones. Right out of the gate, you’re gonna wanna take it easy; thus, we’ve compiled our Easiest Recipes of All Time for your cooking pleasure. Santa bring you an Instant Pot this year? Great! Break that sucker out of the box and get ready for your world to be rocked. There’s a reason instant is in the name; with your handy new multicooker, you're mere minutes from delicious soups and stews, chicken dinners, hearty beef meals, and simple side dishes. Trust me, cooking your way through these collections will certainly leave you with more than a couple of fam-favorite recipes to add to the ol’ recipe box.

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Now, this likely isn’t your first time at the rodeo—you know as well as I do that the key to success when it comes to enjoying more home-cooked meals is planning ahead. Yep, I’m talking about meal prep. Here are nine tools that are sure to make yours go a heck of a lot smoother, along with a few of our favorite recipes for meal prepping. However, if you don’t manage to get your meal prep game on immediately, don’t stress—your week isn’t tanked. Here’s how to deal during those days you’re flying by the seat of your pants (they will happen).

OK, supposing you consumed roughly a half-ton of butter (ya know, instead of turning it into a charming sculpture like this one), you may feel inclined to focus your home-cooked meals on the lighter/greener/more nutrient-dense side of the spectrum. To aid you in this most noble of quests, I present you with our best cabbage recipes. And heck, here, go crazy with our favorite cauliflower recipes too. Looking to give a new diet a try this month? We’ve got you covered for Keto, Mediterranean, and Whole 30.

So you know we’re all about keeping it real at MyRecipes, right? We are. Accordingly, I think it’s important to also acknowledge the fact that eventually, we’re all apt to encounter that moment when healthy and wholesome just ain’t gonna cut it. For those moments, and your general awareness… the Girl Scouts are putting out a new cookie flavor, you can grab a $2 Captain and Coke this month at Applebees, Flamin’ Hot Doritos are back, Hidden Valley now has premade ranch dips, you can also buy yogurt that tastes like donuts, Blue Bell’s Mardi Gras inspired ice cream is coming atcha, Stranger Things candy exists, and yes, you were right all along—soda really does taste better from a glass bottle. Of course, if you’re trying to mirror yourself after American Girl's 2019 Girl of the Year (A.K.A. Ree Drummond) and uphold your commitment to home cooking, I’d highly suggest hopping aboard on the lasagna train for your comfort food fix with this Lasagna Pizza and/or Lasagna Dip with Pasta Chips.

And with that, I wish you a happy first week of 2019.