We may be getting a little bored of tomatoes.

By Antara Sinha
Updated August 24, 2018
getty tomatoes image
Credit: Nandita/Getty Images
  • We start each season so excited to sink our teeth into the fresh produce, thinking up creative ways to use seasonal fruit and veggies, setting alarms for early farmers market runs to snag the best-looking ingredients, and cooking meals that make them the star. By the end of the season… it’s a different story. We can’t fathom a single new way to use summer zucchini and squash. And those juicy, ripe tomatoes we were fawning over at the start of summer? We’re kind of over them—or at the very least, getting absurdly innovative, like putting them into ice cream (which, by the way, is a revelation).
  • All of which is to say, we’re getting extra creative with our condiments at the tail-end of August. Not using Greek yogurt as a creamy, easy, tangy topping on savory food? Well, you should be. Those bottles of vinegar that have been collecting dust at the back of your cabinet? They’re not spoiled yet—and a good glug of the stuff over end-of-summer salads may be just what your meal needs to liven it up. Ventured to the international aisle of your grocery store and grabbed some sauces, like shoyu, on a whim? All of your summer veggie stir-fries are about to become a little more exciting with its umami kick. Trader Joe’s Sesame Honey Almonds are the crunchy, versatile topping we want to eat with literally every meal. And as per usual, we’re drizzling tahini over everything. Point being: If you’re getting peak-season produce fatigue like we are, it’s time to lean heavily on new and exciting toppings, spices, and sauces.
  • We also tackled some interesting food mysteries this week: Turns out the bright, sunshine-orange yolks in those pricey eggs don’t necessarily mean they’re of higher quality. There’s a commonsense reason that hanger steaks, our favorite restaurant cut of beef, is so tricky to find at grocery stores. Those stubborn spots in your kitchen that you just can’t figure out how to scrub? We tackled the best ways to make it spotless. And there’s a real science to making those perfectly smooth, shiny mirror cakes you’ve been seeing everywhere.
  • So if you’re at your wit’s end with the abundance of late-summer produce, remember that the same way cardigans and plaid shirts replaced the swimwear and flip flops in stores, late-season corn, apples, fall squash, and of course, all-things pumpkin spice, are right around the corner to fill your fridge with and obsess over.