Whether you're enduring the final waves of winter's chill or reveling in the warmth of the spring sun, this month is the perfect time to fire up the oven, bring the kids inside, and enjoy an afternoon of baking, icing, and tasting the perfect spring cake recipe.

We've picked three of our favorite cake recipes for you to try. While you browse, try not to drool on your screen...


Oh Lemonade Layer Cake recipe, how do I love thee? I'm not sure I have enough fingers to count all the ways that you make my heart race! This cake recipe is one of our most popular recipes on Pinterest (so y'all love it, too!) and has tons of reviews. I got to taste it last week when our Test Kitchens retested it for a fun how-to video we're shooting (stay tuned!). I was amazed that a cake with cream cheese frosting could taste (and be!) light, but it truly was the perfect balance of moist cake, intoxicating frosting, and a pinch of what I'm sure must be sunshine.


This simple sheet cake with homemade chocolate frosting will make you forget that store-bought yellow cake mix and canned frosting ever existed. The thick, creamy icing will have you licking your plate. This one is particularly good for kids as you can make the icing more "homestyle"; let the kids get creative!


Spoiler alert! This oh-so rich coconut cake recipe is light! It has 50% of the fat of the original recipe and 100% of the flavor. How do we know? Our testers were licking their plates. It was kind of embarrassing, really.

What's your favorite cake recipe to make for Easter, spring, or with your family?

By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel