Zucchini is one of those seasonal veggies that is EVERYWHERE right now. It’s perfect on the grill as a side dish, in a quiche for an elegant brunch or even breaded and fried as a quick summer snack. But would you eat it for (gasp!) dessert? Now in the past we’ve seen zucchini pop up in other baked goods recipes like muffins and breads but I thought I’d get a little more daring and try something totally different. Two words – Zucchini Cookies.


Let’s be honest, green vegetables and rich chocolate are not the two worlds most of us want colliding on the dessert plate but regardless, my inner risk-taker had to try it. This intriguing recipe comes to us from Sunset with promises of more vitamins and fiber than your average cookie plus a nice moist texture. I will not pretend that these cookies are “healthy” in any way but if you have kids who are horrified of green veggies, this may be the perfect way to sneak them into their diet.


When prepping the ingredients for this recipe, I first grated the zucchini (skin on) and was surprised that the 2 cups the recipe called for was equal to almost 2 whole zucchinis. Looking back, I wish I had drained the grated zucchini really well before adding to the batter because it has a very high moisture content. Due to that excess moisture, the batter was a little on the liquidy side (which made for flatter cookies). Adding an extra cup of flour to even out the consistency would have probably done the trick as well.


Nevertheless, the ingredients came together quickly and after 15 minutes in a 350° oven, I was enjoying warm, fresh-baked, soft and chewy cookies (four of them to be exact) with a surprisingly rich chocolate taste. I omitted the raisins and chopped walnuts from the recipe and added a few more chocolate chips just because it felt right. The sweetened flaked coconut made it into the cookies but you can only detect a hint of it.

The Verdict? I can definitely see bits of green zucchini throughout the cookie but you don’t really taste it at all. The cinnamon, vanilla extract and chocolate are the stars of the show here. The texture is a little different from a normal chocolate chip cookie, but not in a bad way. I think this goes back to having so much moisture in the zucchini. If you like crispy, crunchy treats, these aren’t for you.


All in all, this baking experiment was a success. My husband, who has a giant sweet tooth, loved the cookies and wasn’t at all deterred by the bits of green in each bite. It has definitely inspired me to try adding zucchini to cakes or brownies next time around. This dessert would be a great conversation starter for your next family get-together or cookout. So go on and gift a batch of these unusual treats and turn the skeptics into believers today!

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