When it comes to homemade pizza, it's in a class all on its own. I don't think you can rightfully compare homemade pizza to the slices you get at a pizzeria. It's just different. Whether you use homemade dough or buy it from the store, it's a perfect weeknight meal to throw together on the fly, and great for involving the whole family. The pizza toppings are only limited by your imagination, and it's a perfect activity for everyone to join in and get creative with.

When I saw this recipe for Mushroom and Garlic Pizza in a recent issue of Rachael Ray's magazine, I tore it out immediately. Unfortunately while I love mushrooms, any kind any way, the boys of the house do not, so I had to plan accordingly. No matter, more for me. When I made the recipe this weekend, I froze half of the baked end result, this way I have a stash of slices for lunches ready to go.

Between the woodsy, beefy juiciness of the mushrooms to the bite of the Swiss and the creaminess of the mozzarella ... and the garlic, oh the garlic ... you can't go wrong with this one.