Shockingly, this doesn’t sound terrible.

By Corey Williams
November 07, 2018
Instagram u/log_young

This time of year, we’re bombarded with holiday-themed versions of our favorite snack foods. While some brands lean in to the holiday season with bizarre (or downright disgusting) flavor combos, Mountain Dew’s new release actually sounds delightful.

A Pepsi employee leaked a photo of the Merry Mash-Up flavor back in July:

The cranberry-pomegranate soda has finally been spotted in stores. Instagram user @snackstalker snapped a picture:

Since the soda was just released, it’s hard to gauge how Mountain Dew’s extremely devoted fan base will react. (Seriously, the lemon-lime drink’s wiki is impressively maintained.)

One Twitter user seems to really enjoy the festive flavor, though:

Hmmm. That sounds strange, but intriguing.

If nothing else, this would be amazing in a Christmas party cocktail.