When you were a kid, you likely thought that broccoli tasted like trees. Even when your mom lovingly poured melted processed cheese product, they were just cheesy trees. And you whined your way through your three mandatory bites.

But now, as an adult, have you noticed that broccoli is back? Lightly steamed, with a pinch of salt and maybe an indulgent spot of butter, broccoli is welcome on my plate any day.

Our users know this, so it's no surprise that our top-ranking pasta salad recipe is a broccoli pasta salad featuring grapes and pasta salad.


One not-to-be-named staffer even told us that she loves to make it without the pasta. Y'all, if Broccoli Pasta Salad is deemed better without the pasta, then our favorite green veggie has truly arrived.

So, go ahead, reminisce about your days choking down limp stalks of broccoli at the dinner table and being forced to eat it raw with Ranch dressing (poor you!) at the church potluck, then do yourself a favor and give it another try.

You won't be sorry and, after a few minutes, you certainly won't be hungry anymore.

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