Last year about this time I told you about the Freezer Fair that my church women's group did to raise money for missions. We've done it again this year and, as I write this, I am weary from making 56 pans of Chicken and Rice Bake and helping roll 1,900 sausage balls. We had 18 women and several children and youth helping this year, and by noon on Saturday, we had prepared over 200 casseroles. In addition to the Chicken and Rice Bake, we made Chicken Tetrazzini, Corn Souffle, Broccoli Casserole, Frozen Cherry Salad, and Sausage Balls.

Because this is our third time to do this fund-raiser, we've pretty much got it down to a science, with stations for each recipe set up ahead of time, complete with a laminated recipe, large mixing bowls, measuring cups, and big stirring spoons. All of the casseroles are put in aluminum dishes, covered with foil, and labled. The label includes the name of the dish, the date, and reheating instructions.

This continues to be a popular fund-raiser for our group. People love stocking their freezers with these bake-and-serve casseroles, and we make thousands of dollars that are donated to local women's and children's missions. All of these are great reasons to do the Freezer Fair, but what keeps us doing it year after year is the fun we all have coming down to the church and spending the morning together cooking for a great cause. As if we needed another reason to love casseroles!

If your group is interested in doing an event such as this, check out our casserole recipes and let us know how it goes. I imagine that you'll use a few cans of cream soup, so don't forget to recycle the cans.