“Top Cookie CEO” gets creative with unauthorized Aquaman-inspired update

Girl Scout cookies are so undeniably delicious that they practically sell themselves. Of course, that hasn’t stopped enterprising Girl Scouts and other supporters from going the extra mile to sell these decadent baked goods. There have been whole festivals dedicated to pairing Girl Scout cookies with beer, and you have to tip your cap to the young woman who helped Canadians celebrate the legalization of weed by selling them some munchies.

But from a pure marketing standpoint, the award for greatest Girl Scout cookie sales pitch should go to Colorado’s Charlotte Holmberg. She came up with the ingenious idea to rebrand Samoas—the classic caramel and toasted coconut treat—as “Momoas,” a nod to Aquaman star Jason Momoa. Charlotte is shilling boxes of the cookie showing the hunk’s shirtless torso on its side, garnering tons of attention in the process.

As it turns out, the project was a bit of a team effort. The inspiration for pairing the Hawaiian actor with the Samoa came from a Twitter meme allegedly created by Matt Hayduke. Charlotte then teamed up with her mom, who works in marketing, to slap the images onto as many boxes as they could. According to his comment on the Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Facebook page, it seems like Hayduke (whose daughter is a Girl Scout) has given the marketing stunt his blessing.

Charlotte says the extra star power on her boxes of cookies have garnered an overwhelming response. "The moms are getting really excited and they're saying that they need them," Charlotte told Denver news station KUSA. Whether it’s because they want to help their daughters sell sell the cookies or build a shrine to Momoa is up for debate.

This isn’t the first time Holmberg, a fifth grader from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, has earned attention for her sales prowess. Charlotte earned “Top Cookie CEO” honors last year for selling an astounding 2,000 boxes of cookies. And with Momoas garnering widespread attention, it’s entirely possible she eclipses that record this year—so long as she and her mom can keep printing those photos.

So far, there’s no indication as to whether Momoa or DC Comics will support Charlotte’s efforts or send her a cease and desist letter. But given that it’s for a good cause, one can hope that this superhero might lend his support. For now, a box of Momoas is undeniably a collector’s item for cookie lovers and comic fans.