Feed yourself tacos for a week without cooking.

Between the necessary health restrictions and the major upheavals to their customers’ everyday lives, restaurants have had to get creative in order to keep business flowing these days. While most have switched to takeout mode and others are even turning into markets, others have pivoted towards new ways of presenting their food, often with value and simplicity in mind.

And just because it’s hard to remember what day of the week it is while under quarantine doesn’t mean we can’t all still enjoy the occasional taco Tuesday. Where that’s concerned, Moe’s Southwest Grill’s Build Your Own Taco Kit seems like all the help you need to make taco night a go without any of the cooking.

As you’d expect from any comprehensive taco kit, this Moe’s offering has all of the flour tortillas and fixin’s you’d need. In addition to 12 tortillas, you can choose two proteins (carnitas, ground beef, chicken, adobo chicken, tofu, or veggie) and adorn them with lettuce, cheese, pico, rice, beans, sour cream, and—the coup de grace—Moe’s queso. No matter what you think does or doesn’t belong on a taco, you’re covered.

Each taco kit, which should theoretically feed between three and four hungry people by my math, retails for $34.99. You’re probably going to want to get it for delivery (not many other options, are there), so definitely add a nice tip on top of that.

Of course, there’s no law requiring you to have a taco party with whoever you’re trapped at home with. Ordering one of these taco kits for yourself can keep you fed for a while without having to do any dishes, and that might be worth the price alone.