Who needs to trick or treat when you can stay home and build something?

With many parts of the country enjoying peak foliage season from home and recent developments in the NFL proving that the pandemic sure isn’t over, it’s probably dawning on a lot of parents that Halloween 2020 is going to involve a lot more indoor eating than door to door trick or treating.

Luckily, it looks like there are an ever-increasing number of ways to combine some sort of Halloween-themed activity with the ability to eat candy. For the latest such example, we look to an ingenious M&M's Haunted Castle Chocolate Cookie Kit.

Spotted at Walmart, this kit includes everything you need to create your very own chocolatey take on a haunted non-gingerbread house. Featuring pre-baked chocolate cookies for the walls (complete with base clips that ensure structural integrity), the kit also includes white icing which can be used to join the walls together. In addition to its functionality, the icing can also be mixed with orange and purple powders to add a bit of haunted flair to the exterior of the castle.

Did I mention that this thing comes with M&M’s? Because you bet it does. While the packaging doesn’t mention a specific count, the box art shows off six different colors of M&M’s. And that’s not to mention the fact that the doorway features the hapless yellow M&M getting chased around by a ghost while his brown and green friends look on with seeming indifference.

So if you can’t get ahold of any candy-delivering tubes or cannons this Halloween, consider something like this M&M’s Haunted Castle a viable alternative for keeping the kids happy and stuffed with sugar should traditional trick-or-treating not be an option. Just make sure you eat and dismantle the thing before gingerbread house season, or things could get really confusing—and stale.