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Credit: Mixallogy

Have you ever used Crystal Light as a mixer in a pinch? Well, turns out you missed out on a lucrative business opportunity.

Mixallogy, a company that produces single serve powdered cocktail mixers, will be available in Walmart stores nationwide on July 1.

Using the powders sounds pretty darn simple: Just empty the contents of the K-Cup-esque pod into a cocktail shaker, add equal parts water and liquor, throw in some ice, and shake.

Available in three varieties—Cosmo, Margarita, and Lemon Sour—the mixers have way fewer chemicals than you might expect.

“When making cocktails, we realized we weren’t holding the ingredients to the same standards as we were in our food,” the website reads. “We started looking at what was actually in our drinks, only to learn that most cocktail mixers were filled with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. There was a better way, and Mixallogy was born.”

To avoid using artificial flavors and preservatives, the company uses drying technology that eliminates water from ingredients while leaving their nutrition, tastes, and colors intact.

We’re not sure what the price tag will be once the product is on shelves at Walmart, but you can buy a pack of six ready-to-use pods on Amazon right now for $8.99.