Make room in your fridge for a six-pack.

By Tim Nelson
Updated April 30, 2020

While the concept of days, weeks, and even months feel like they’ve ceased to exist, April is over. That means it’s time to start fixating on the things we’ll drink this summer, even if “summer” might involve little more than turning on the air conditioning for some of us.

So if you want to celebrate the (hopeful) end of isolation or are so bored at home that you have no other choice but to try a new flavor of fruity alcohol, you might want to know about the existence of Mike’s Hard Pineapple Mandarin Lemonade.

You heard that right. What you’re looking at is a photo of a multi-fruited beverage snapped by @DadBodSnacks, which has a decidedly tropical summery twist thanks to the pineapple, and arguably an assist from the orange. It’s probably not too dissimilar from Dole’s tropical lemonade, except for the whole five percent alcohol by volume thing.

While Mike’s Hard Lemonade has been a beer alternative/butt of jokes grounded in fragile masculinity for two decades at this point, it’s no secret that they’ve faced stiffer competition from spiked seltzer brands over the past year. With the radical proliferation of flavors and brands, maybe mashing mandarin oranges and pineapples—a particular flavor combo I can’t recall seeing from any mainstream spiked seltzer brand—is an effort to find a specific niche in the market.

There are no details yet on where this can be found, but you’ll probably spot it wherever Mike’s Hard Lemonade is sold soon enough. If you’re bored, I’d recommend grabbing some of these and some Guav-A-Ritas to see which unusual flavor tastes best. I’m pretty sure that’d make you a fruity malt beverage sommelier, if ever there was such a thing.