There are a lot of things in the kitchen that always seem much more difficult than they actually are. Everyone has a short list of things that they just buy or eat when out at restaurants, and they wouldn't dare attempt to make at home. It's just a question of having a certain mindset, and getting past it. For me, roast chicken was always one of those things. Between the fact that it always seemed to be a challenge to make and the fact that I tend to be a little, um, squeamish about handling a whole raw chicken, well, I just generally stayed away from making it. Until I finally jumped in and bit the bullet a few years ago.The first roast chicken I ever made was for Sticky Chicken, a recipe I got from the Cooking Light Bulletin Boards. Delicious. And I let my husband handle the handling-of-said-whole-chicken part. That was (and is!) a great recipe that now, many many years later, we still enjoy.Then three ago, we had a Mexican-themed dinner with friends, everyone contributing different dishes. I had just received an email from the folks at Lindsay Olives and it included a recipe for a Mexican Roast Chicken. The timing could not have been more perfect. Another easy recipe, another delicious bird.

Last year I discovered a roast chicken recipe from Cristina Ferrare that has Dijon mustard and soy sauce. Just typing these words about it is making my mouth water. Love that one. Oh man, so.very.good. See how easy it is to get over my stubborn mindset of making roast chicken at home?

Tonight, as we just had another Mexican-themed dinner party, the Mexican Roast Chicken made another appearance on the table. When the Lindsay Olive company says the prep time is 10 minutes, they're not kidding. I swear to you, this is easy peasy to make and once you see how easy roasting your own chicken can be, you'll never buy one of those shriveled up, tiny little rotisserie chickens in the grocery store again. I promise.