2019 is the year of edible bouquets and we’re not mad about it.
meat and cheese volcano
Credit: LunchBunch

Here’s the problem with flowers: You can’t eat them.

Listen, I’m not trying to diss flowers or the floral industry as a whole. There are lots of great things you can’t eat: There’s … well, I can’t think of anything right now, but I’m sure there are lots of nice non-edible things.

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The point is, we love flowers here at MyRecipes. As a food-focused site, though, we’re partial to all things tasty—and lucky for us, people are LOVING edible bouquets this year.

Take this Reese’s bouquet, for example. Or this delectable pickle arrangement.

But I think it’s safe to say that this Meat and Cheese bouquet encapsulates the spirit of 2019 romance like no other.

This glorious gift is the brainchild of the folks at LunchBunch, an Australia-based edible bouquet company. (Thank you to The Kitchn for bringing this to our attention.)

The arrangement, aptly named the “Meat and Cheese Volcano," is “full of life with an amazing combination of aromas, coming from the variety of meats, cheeses and crispy breadsticks,” according to the product description. “We use a mix of Barossa's finest sausages, salamis and cheeses, and Australian nuts.”


Want to give your Valentine something a little fancier? This Prosciutto Roses bouquet might be for you.

Oh, so your S.O. is a vegetarian? Here’s this ONION BOUQUET.

WOW. Valentine’s Day will never be the same and, TBH, we’re cool with that.