Finally a fall product that actually shows up during fall!


You feel that faint chill in the air? That’s the sign that the equinox has finally arrived, marking the real start to autumn (which does NOT begin on the Tuesday after Labor Day). Despite that obvious and irrefutable fact of the calendar, plenty of food brands out there have inundated us with pumpkin spiced whatever for weeks now, well before anyone was ready to say goodbye to summer.

In that regard, McDonald’s deserves some credit for saving the reappearance of their Pumpkin and Creme Pie for a seasonally appropriate point in September.

Spotted by @SnackGator, McDonald’s take on fall dessert flavors has returned to the golden arches. Functioning almost more like a turnover, this “pie” packs in the kind of pumpkin pie filling, placed next to a bit of tasty creme on the other side. It’s like the yin and yang of a pumpkin cream cheese pie, except with the added benefit of being something you can eat in the car with your hands without getting some weird looks from passing motorists.

Though not explicitly a new menu item, the Pumpkin & Creme “Pie” has a knack for showing up in the fall when its tastes are most welcome. Given that McDonald’s is already famous for its apple pies, you essentially have two distinctly delicious seasonal options to choose from at the moment.

So if ordering a Big Mac doesn't feel sufficiently autumnal for you, just know that there are options on the Mickey D’s menu for you. And rest assured that these pies are less likely to run out than the Travis Scott Meal.