In December of 2018, a McDonald’s in Manchester, England put onions on Leslie McDonagh’s Big Mac. McDonagh, who had ordered his burger without onions, proceeded to lose his damn mind.

To be fair, McDonagh says he has a severe allergy. It’s totally rational (and understandable) to be upset about what could’ve been a life-threatening mistake.

Here’s what’s less rational:

  • Challenging the manager to a fist fight.
  • Calling the police.
  • Falling to the floor and throwing a literal tantrum after said police ask you to leave the premises.
  • Spitting in an officer’s face while you’re being escorted away.

McDonagh did all of those things, according to Metro News U.K.

Apparently McDonagh, who works for a finance firm in Manchester, had left a work party early to meet his wife for their wedding anniversary—but he decided to stop for a snack at the fast food chain on his way home. (Happy freaking anniversary, Mrs. McDonagh.)

In a not-so-shocking admission, he “claims to have drunk six cans of lager” before the incident.

At Manchester magistrates court, McDonagh admitted assault by beating of an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

His lawyer, Claire Parrot, said “his memory of the incident isn’t complete, but he was quite clearly utterly embarrassed and ashamed. This was not a planned attack on the officer, he says that he’s not a violent person.”

He was fined £190 ($246.45) and was ordered to complete a 12-month community order, plus 120 hours of unpaid work.