Sunday night marked the season finale of Food Network Star. All of the contestants gathered for a reunion show and announcement of the winner. Congratulations to Justin Warner who gets his own show on Food Network.

Early in the episode, Bob Tuschman broke the news to Martie Duncan, "You have many, many, many fans, just not not quite enough this time, to throw you over the line."

Martie told the network and cast, "This is a bittersweet moment for me. I just appreciate the opportunity to be here... I've learned so much from watching all of you... things that I'll take with me forever. Thank you very much. I've loved every minute of it."

At the viewing party in Birmingham, Martie asked me to tell her fans at MyRecipes how much she appreciates all of your support and votes. And that you'll be seeing more from her soon.

I agree with Alton Brown, who said to Martie, "I don't think this is gonna slow you down one bit. The stuff that you were gonna do, I now know you are gonna do. So this is just a bump in the road, if that."

Well done, Martie! I can't wait to see what MyRecipes favorite party-thrower does next!

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And look for our post-Food Network Star interview with Martie later this week.