Our own Martie Duncan of the legendary Martie Knows Parties franchise is back to compete as a fan favorite on this season of Next Food Network Star. She'll take to the culinary stage on Sunday, 9 Eastern/8 Central, as part of Season 10. Do you remember Martie from Season 8? Maybe you remember crying into your wine glass when you thought she'd been eliminated. But oh, no! Not our Martie. She roared back, taping a pilot of her own. Tricky Food Network and their ninja onions. *sniff*

We were lucky enough to have lunch with Martie this afternoon. After we got through nagging her for not telling us about her great news earlier (she was sworn to secrecy!), we got down to business, sharing greens and cornbread at Alabama's own Irondale Cafe. Never heard of it? You need to watch more Fried Green Tomatoes.

Be sure to watch Martie on Sunday and cheer her on. She'll be tweeting and, y'all, she's the nicest, funniest person ever, so follow along, tweet her some love, and get ready for more fun party ideas from Martie!


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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel