It’s the perfect pairing.
Baderbrau and Lyft Beer.jpg
Credit: Baderbrau Facebook

It’s the end of a good night and like all responsible adults that have been drinking, you either have a friend drive you home or you reach for your phone to request a ride. Lyft, the second largest ride sharing company in the country has partnered with a Chicago-based brewery to offer discounted rides when you purchase a Lyft-branded beer. This increases the incentive for consumers to use the app rather than get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence. Could this be the new era of cross-branding and marketing?

Baderbräu Brewing created Five Star Lager, a 12-ounce, 4.8% ABV can bearing the Lyft logo. It also includes a printed discount code for up to a $5 discount per ride that expires after 7 days from the purchase date. It’s worth noting that the offer is available only on single classic Lyft rides and is not applicable on the shared Lyft Line service or when requesting a larger vehicle with Lyft Plus.

The Five Star Lager is actually Baderbräu’s Helles lager called South Side Pool, which is a crowd favorite. The clever name for the “new” beer came from the rating system that you give drivers at the completion of your ride. The pale lager is basically dressed in a new can design with a new name, but still possesses that crisp, malty, full-bodied flavor.

The partnership is also a slam dunk for the craft beer brewery. By using their easy-drinking beer as the first product for this initiative, the brewery will get more exposure in bars that normally do not carry their brand. If the partnership is a success, the Five Star beer has the potential to debut in other cities. Currently, the beer and discount program is only being served in Chicago.