Lovers of oysters of all kinds - raw, steamed, or even Rockefeller - know that Apalachicola Bay oysters are some of the best around. Harvested off the coast of Florida, chefs say they are "less salty than others, their flesh is clean and dense, and they should be chewed slowly," according to the New York Times.

With a billing that nice, my husband and I made sure to try the local oyster joints when we vacationed at St. George Island, Florida -- a barrier island separating Apalachicola Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. Towards the end of our trip, we happened upon a small place called Eddy Teach's, tucked back in the palms and pines along the bay. The bulk of the seating was outdoors at wooden picnic tables, with additional seating along the double bar inside -- though the outdoor seating was mostly taken up by spectators for a charity event that was a mix of bingo and sail boat racing. (Hard to imagine, I know).

To our delight, Eddy Teach's was one of the cheapest AND best oyster bars around! Together we devoured about 6 dozen steamed oysters, served with saltines and Eddy's own cocktail sauce. Plus the ambiance was great -- laid-back and relaxed, with the hourly bingo races providing their own entertainment. To top it all off, the owner is apparently British, so Eddy's serves a number of on-tap beers from across the pond -- not something you expect to find at a tiny oyster bar off the coast of Florida.

If you ever find yourself in the "Apalach" area, be sure to drive over to St. George and check out Eddy Teach's -- the oysters and atmosphere sure are worth it!