By Corey Williams
March 04, 2020
Instagram: @lieutenant_dan_the_twc, @cadburyuk


UPDATE (3/24/20): 
He did it! 
Lieutenant Dan is this year’s Cadbury Easter Bunny, the company announced today. 



So what does that mean for the two-legged superstar? Not only will he be gracing our TV screens very soon in a reboot of Cadbury’s classic Easter commercial, but Dan and his owners are now $5,000 richer.  
We don’t know about you, but this is definitely the good news we needed today. 



Cadbury announced today the 10 finalists competing for the coveted title of this year’s Easter Bunny and, I gotta say, this is an impressive group of contenders. 

Would you just look at that group? Each and every one is a bonafide winner in my book. 

Among the bunny hopefuls are: 

  • Conswala, a “no-drama llama” from Pennsylvania. A registered therapy animal, she regularly visits schools and senior centers. 

  • Lunchbox, who is currently in the Oklahoma Humane Society foster program—but he’s on the market for a forever family. 

  • Dilly Bar Dabbler: Miss December in the 2019 Petsway Calendar and a “celibriduck.”

Other finalists are Donald Ducky the pomeranian, Ginger the hamster, Ricky Bobby the mini horse, Ducksong the pig, Eggbert the two-legged cat, and Dodger the service dog. 

Wow. I do not envy those judges. 

See last year’s winner: Meet Cadbury's New Easter 'Bunny,' Henri the English Bulldog

There’s one finalist, though, that grabbed my attention. 

After much research and consideration, I am prepared to endorse Lieutenant Dan for Cadbury Easter Bunny 2020. 

This Treeing Walker Coonhound has been walking on his front legs since he was eight weeks old, according to The Daily Mail, and his owners made the tough decision to remove his hind legs when he was six months old. His tail had to be removed soon after. 

But did Lieutenant Dan (whose name, for obvious reasons, is inspired by Gary Sinise’s Forrest Gump character) let that slow him down?!

Abso-freaking-lutely not.

He runs, jumps, and plays with the very best of ‘em. (By the way, you can follow his adventures on Instagram here). 

I’m clearly not the only one who’s obsessed with this dog: A video of Dan frolicking on the beach went viral last year. 

So, in summation: Each finalist is amazing and perfect and adorable in every way. Cadbury literally could not make a wrong decision here. 

But Dan just seems like the kinda guy who’s ready to boldly lead us into the Easter season, ya know? 

You can vote for Dan (or any of his much-deserving fellow finalists) right here.