Once upon a time I hung my head in shame when I confessed my secret ingredient to the best apple cobbler ever: Mountain Dew. Y'all, I thought I was alone in my distaste of juicing citrus or filling my fridge with plastic fruit-shaped juice containers. Turns out, I'm in good company. Tons of people use lemon-lime soda (ok, so maybe Mountain Dew was a little extreme) in their baked goods. Exhibit A:


Lemon-Lime Pound CakeThe Editors of Southern Living said it best, "This recipe is based on a classic Southern favorite called 7UP Pound Cake, which was created in the 1950s when the soda company suggested using its soft drink instead of other liquid in pound cake recipes. The result: one of the best, and simplest, cakes you'll ever make."

Rumor has it that this cake, bless its heart, is even better the next day, which makes me think that the preservatives in soda just might have a place in baking after all.

My question is why, and who. Who was the first person who said, "I know what can make this cake better: Soda!" Some believe that the soda companies themselves started the recipe trends, which seems quite laborious when you consider they had no Pinterest boards on which to share their treats. Or, was it an industrious baker who realized she was over vanilla pound cakes without any zip and raided the pantry?

Either way, in 1993, the 7UP people got wise and released a cookbook featuring recipes that you could make using 7UP and Dr. Pepper. Predictably, people lost their minds. The company hired a cook to test the recipes and she produced more, including tasty dishes like fried fish and onion rings.

We've found 7UP in all kinds of delicious recipes, including kabobs and a pork roast.

Fess up. Do you use cola to cook in your kitchen? Will this Coca-Cola Cake change your mind?

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By Ashley Kappel and Ashley Kappel