Bring the spring vibes inside with these doughnuts.

By Tim Nelson
Updated March 30, 2020

Despite the necessary reality of self-quarantine and social isolation, spring has still sprung as it always does. But just because we can’t frolic freely among the blooming flowers doesn’t mean we need to pretend it’s still winter. That’s where food comes in.

Thankfully, Krispy Kreme has found time to introduce a line of pastel, praiseworthy spring-themed Mini Doughnuts perfect for crushing any quarantine-time craving for a sweet breakfast treat. These things are sure to literally brighten your day.

Available in a box of 16 (so a baker’s dozen with three extra mini doughnuts thrown in), there are four flavors, ranging from a chocolate frosted doughnut with pastel sprinkles to some more exciting options. The bright yellow-frosted doughnut is the Spring Chick Mini Doughnut, which features dots of orange and chocolate icing to look like a Peep. The green one is a Bunny Bum Mini Doughnut, which pairs green sprinkles with green icing and a sugary bunny on top. FInally, there’s the Flower Mini Doughnut, which combines strawberry icing and purple sugar.

These Mini Doughnuts themselves are also a relatively new development for Krispy Kreme. They launched in January of 2020, which now feels like it took place three lifetimes ago. That would definitely make these the first seasonal twist on this small treat.

Lest you think it was all fun and games, Krispy Kreme is also stepping up amid the COVID-19 crisis, donating doughnuts by the dozen to medical staff on the front lines across the country. I’d argue that’s a good enough reason to pick up a box of 16 mini doughnuts to brighten up your Easter a little bit.