Here’s how to get it.
Krispy Kreme popcorn
Credit: GB Gifts

Krispy Kreme U.K. is once again putting its American counterpart to shame—is anyone surprised?

This time, we’re drooling over this glazed popcorn that, somehow, we didn’t know existed.

"Inspired by their signature melt-in-your mouth doughnuts, these have a softer texture than traditional popcorn," according to this post from junk food Instagram account @mnmtwinz. "Fortunately, the glaze is plentiful and sweet! The taste isn’t identical to the iconic doughnuts, but they are still tasty. If you or someone you know loves Krispy Kreme, we definitely recommend trying them."

If you’re a Krispy Kreme fan who’s stuck stateside, don’t panic! You too can experience the sugary goodness.

You can order it (with free shipping!) from Britain-based candy company GB Gifts.

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“We have added a sprinkle of our magic to create an extra special one-of-a-kind Original Glazed popcorn,” the product description states. “Inspired by the delicious taste of our melt-in-your mouth signature doughnuts our Krispy Kreme popcorn is truly unique and absolutely delicious!”

One bag will set you back £5.99, or about $7.80 USD.