The game has officially changed.
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Sporks Are Out and KNORKS Are In
Credit: Amazon

Every so often a revolutionary product comes out and completely reinvents eating as we know it—sliced bread, TV dinners, microwaves.

But all that innovation pales in comparison to what I’m about to share with you: Knorks are a thing, you guys. KNORKS.

What is a Knork, you ask? Well, imagine a spork on opposite day. Really, though—it’s a stainless steel fork with beveled sides to cut food.

“The signature piece in the line of hand forged flatware features the patented finger platform and thinned, beveled tines that allow the user to rock through most any foods,” its product description states. “The well-balanced and ergonomic design show that Knork truly makes flatware designed for how you naturally eat, and the proof is in the use.”

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Though it may not cut through the toughest of meats, reviewers say the Knork easily stands up to most foods.

“The real cool part is that it can cut through a ton of stuff by using its side,” one happy customer wrote. “Chicken breast? No problem. Hot Pockets didn't stand a chance. Not so much with steaks, though. They're heavy, they look cool, and they're functional.”

Knork promises an “unforgettable dining experience,” and we don’t doubt that in the slightest.

The 4-piece set usually goes for $23, but it’s 50 PERCENT OFF (!) right now on Amazon.

Order it here.