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Mrs Meyers Clean Spray Lemon Verbena
Credit: Courtesy of Mrs. Meyer's

I vividly remember filling out the form that my college sent to all the incoming first-years asking you about your living style, in the hopes that they will pair you with a random roommate that shares your preferred habits. When the form asked me questions about my cleanliness, I recall that I confidently checked off how clean, organized, and tidy of a person I was. Looking back, it’s almost comical to me just how deluded my idea of cleanliness was as a senior in high school. Such a young grasshopper with so much to learn!

Now, years later, as self-proclaimed “decent” adult, I am a much tidier person than I was then, but by no means have I reached a place of insane cleanliness (and frankly, I am confident that I never will). As I’ve gotten more into cooking, I’ve definitely learned to value a clean kitchen (again, nothing obsessive here, just a clear-looking space), and there is one product that I have to thank for this: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner in Lemon Verbena.

Look, I know you’re probably thinking, “Why should I care that some filthy human discovered cleaning spray and is really excited about it?” Whilst that is a very valid inquiry, I’d like to believe that there’s more at work here. Not only does this product smell so damn good, like breath-of-fresh-air, crisper-than-a-fall-afternoon good, but it’s extremely versatile. Rather than bombarding my cupboards with a slew of cleaning products that will only acquire dust over time, I can rest assured that Mrs. Meyer has got all my bases covered. She’s the only cleaning buddy that I need. I can genuinely say that I look forward to spritzing her throughout my kitchen and getting all my surfaces looking glossy and smelling ultra-citrusy.

Because I’m now unable to leave my kitchen without it smelling like a flourishing lemon tree, I have truly noticed a change in my attitude towards cleaning. Now, when I’m cooking, I am much more proactive about keeping my space somewhat tidy as I go, and the moment there is some downtime in a recipe, I’m making the effort to get my workspace back to how it started. If there’s enough downtime, I might even saunter over to my bathroom with Mrs. Meyer and give the counter a mini scrub down. Who is this girl and what have you done to the wildly disillusioned girl from high school?! If the food I prepared doesn’t require me to consume it immediately while it is piping hot, I try to get most of the post-cheffin’ mess taken care of before I sit down to eat. How rewarding, I know!

When I think back to my grotesque apartment during my college years, I have to laugh. As it turned out, I was luckily randomly paired with roommates who were, like me, completely out of touch with their cleaning habits. We all operated under a system that filth, dirt, and unidentified objects would gradually accumulate in the kitchen, and when we all reached a point where we could no longer function normally in our living space, we’d do a massive, day-long deep clean that would last for about 24 hours, at best. Go team! At the time, it seriously felt like the method we had in place was working, but in retrospect, I can say confidently that staying on top of it at the end of every day is way less effort. Not to mention, there is far less dread involved when it comes time to spruce the place up. As they say, a couple sprays a day keeps the kitchen monsters away.*

*Nobody says this, it just sounded cute.

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane