Check your pantry.

King Arthur Flour added three additional lot codes of 5-pound bags Unbleached All-Purpose Flour to its list of potentially contaminated products on November 1.

This is the second expansion since the original recall, which involved nearly 114,000 5-pound bags of flour, was announced in June.

The flour, which was milled at ADM Milling in Buffalo, New York and produced prior to February, was distributed and sold in stores nationwide, as well as on King Arthur’s website, catalog, and Vermont store.

The company was notified by ADM Milling Co. that three lot codes were omitted from King Arthur's updated list of affected products in October, according to a press release.

The omitted bags feature these Best Used by Dates and lot codes:

  • Best Used by Date 12/09/19: Lot codes L18A09A & L18A09C
  • Best Used by Date 01/08/20: Lot code A19A08A

These measures are being taken because of the potential presence of E. coli 026, which was discovered during sampling, according to a statement posted to the brand’s website. There have been no confirmed reports of illnesses related to the product, the company says.

Never consume raw products made with flour, the CDC warns. This particular strain of E. coli is killed by heat through baking, frying, sautéing, or boiling products made with flour.

Symptoms of E. coli 026 include diarrhea and abdominal cramps that usually start three to four days after exposure, according to the CDC.

If you have the affected flour, you should immediately dispose of it or return it to the store where it was purchased. You can contact the company for a refund or replacement here.

The 5-pound bags have Best Used By Dates ranging from 12/04/19 to 1/15/20 and feature the following updated lot codes:

  • 12/04/19 L18A04A
  • 12/05/19 L18A05A, L18A05B, L18A05C
  • 12/09/19 L18A09B
  • 12/09/19 L18A09A
  • 12/09/19 L18A09C
  • 12/10/19 L18A10A
  • 12/13/19 L18A13B, L18A13C
  • 12/20/19 L18A20A, L18A20B, L18A20C
  • 12/21/19 L18A21A
  • 12/27/19 L18A27A, L18A27B, L18A27C
  • 12/28/19 L18A28A
  • 01/02/20 A19A02B, A19A02C
  • 01/03/20 A19A03A, A19A03B, A19A03C
  • 01/05/20 A19A05A, A19A05B
  • 01/07/20 A19A07B, A19A07C
  • 01/08/20 A19A08B
  • 01/08/20 A19A08A
  • 01/09/20 A19A09B
  • 01/10/20 A19A10B
  • 01/12/20 A19A12A
  • 01/14/20 A19A14A, A19A14B, A19A14C
  • 01/15/20 A19A15A, A19A15B

The 25-pound bags were sold only in Costco stores. The bags feature Best Used By dates of 12/04/19, 12/10/19, 12/20/19, 01/07/20, and 01/15/20.