2019 is off to a weird start.
Credit: KFC

KFC’s approach to marketing is … odd, to say the least.

Every new promotion seems less like an ad campaign, and more like a dare to prove your undying devotion to Colonel Sanders. They don’t want you to just like their chicken—they want you to live it.

It’s been effective so far: The fast food chain got at least one set of parents to name their baby after the Colonel a few months ago.

This week, though, KFC is taking this strategy to bizarre new heights.

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To celebrate the launch of the new Spicy Famous Bowl, as well the bowls’ current $3 promotional pricing, KFC is giving its fans free haircuts. But we’re not talking trims—we’re talking bowl cuts. Go big or go home, right?

"I can't believe we are actually selling a pound of delicious food for just $3, and I also can't believe bowl cuts are making a comeback, but here we are," said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. chief marketing officer. "So naturally we're offering KFC-ified Famous Bowl Cuts to anyone who wants to be as famous as our Famous Bowls."

The company says they teamed with real hairstylists to create “five stylish, modern-day takes on the bowl cut hair style.” According to Bustle, the ‘90s style is having a modern moment.

They’re not kidding. Take a look at these styles:

I mean, who wouldn’t jump on the chance to get one of those cuts? You’ll even get a gift card for the Famous Bowl of your choice.

There’s a catch, though: Participants must be located in New York, as this entire event is happening this Thursday in Brooklyn. You can still get the cut and send the picture to KFC for a chance to be featured on social media, but where’s the fun in that?