Sounds like they’ll have to win over some skeptics.

By Tim Nelson
Updated July 06, 2020

If you want to go to KFC, chances are the main reason for doing so is to get a hold of some fried chicken. Just because that may be true, though, doesn’t mean its sides deserve short shrift. Their potato wedges are delicious, and a welcome reprieve from the sameness of fast food fries you’d find at other spots.

Well, I hope you weren’t too attached to those potato wedges, because KFC has made the difficult decision to discontinue them. But that doesn’t mean that you have to eat coleslaw if you want a side for your fried chicken. Instead, KFC has now officially launched their “Secret Recipe Fries,” available now on menus nationwide.

Credit: KFC


First tested at select KFC locations in 2019, the Secret Recipe Fries get their name from the 11 signature herbs and spices that’s been a staple of KFC chicken for years. So in essence, you’re getting a side with the same sort of taste that you’d find in the main course. Too much of a good thing?

While it’s too early to predict the widespread reaction to the new fries, they sure have a lot to live up to if the tweets inspired by KFC’s decision to put its potato wedges out to pasture are any indication.

The good news out there is that at least one person lucky enough to taste them ahead of the nationwide rollout can vouch for their quality. Better than universal condemnation I guess.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for reading what stranges have to say about the fries online. You can eat them yourself and form your own hot take now that they’re available in pretty much any KFC. If you’re picking them up at a drive-thru, just don’t Tweet and drive.