KFC mac and cheese bun
Credit: KFC

KFC, I love you. When others zig, you zag. Case in point: This beautiful, horrifying Cheetos sandwich.

WATCH: KFC's New Cheetos-Filled Sandwich Is a Glorious Nightmare

The fried chicken chain’s latest creation, the Mac 'N Cheese Zinger, is perhaps its most ambitious yet.

So what exactly is a Mac 'N Cheese Zinger? It’s basically a chicken sandwich. But instead of a bread, it’s held together with two fried patties made of macaroni and cheese.


Unfortunately (or fortunately), the sandwich is only available in Singapore—for now.

Twitter users are clearly curious about the Zinger:

We totally get that, TBH. It could be the worst, but it also could be the best. Here’s hoping for a U.S. release soon so we can find out!

If you happen to find yourself in Singapore, the Zinger is the equivalent of $5.52 in USD, according to Delish. For an extra dollar, you can add a medium whipped potato and regular Pepsi to your Mac 'N order.