The Kentaco is the latest in a long history of fast food disruption.

If there’s anything that your typical combination KFC and Taco Bell likes to do, it’s think outside the bun. Or the tortilla. Or pretty much anything that could be used as a carbohydrate-based vessel for delivering food to your mouth. We first saw it with the KFC Double Down, then came Taco Bell’s Naked Egg Taco, and then the wild KFC doughnut chicken sandwich.

But if you thought that was the logical endpoint of this innovation, be prepared to have your mind blown. KFC Singapore has found a way to transcend the barriers between KFC and Taco Bell to make a taco shell out of fried chicken.

Behold: the Kentaco.

At first glance, the Kentaco might seem like a pretty normal vegetarian taco made up of lettuce and tomato alongside Emmental, Romano, Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese. But it’s when you get to the unmistakably unique crispy, crackly fried chicken that you realize that this flipped-script take on a taco is decidedly not vegetarian.

As a Singaporean review notes, it’s worth pointing out that the Kentaco chicken technically isn’t cooked using KFC’s Original Recipe. Instead, it’s “marinated chicken fried to crispy perfection,” which is fair given that Colonel Sanders may not have even known what a taco was when he first started frying chicken. Sometimes you have to abandon the old ways in pursuit of something that truly breaks the mold.

Reviews out of Singapore make the Kentaco sound pretty good, or at least worth trying to satisfy your curiosity. While the food market scene from Crazy Rich Asians suggests you have many delicious choices when it comes to eating in Singapore, definitely try to add this KFC creation to the rotation if you have the time.

Given our gluttonous appetites and desire to eat anything we can also post online, it’s perhaps inevitable that this comes to America at some point. When it does, don’t be shocked if KFC gets Yum! Brands partner Taco Bell in the mix to turn this into something even crazier. Consider our fingers licked and crossed.