TBH, we’re here for this.
gravy candle
Credit: KFC

Yes, KFC’s new limited-edition candle smells like gravy. But before you commence eye rolling and mock gagging, hear us out: A gravy-scented candle might actually be amazing.

Scented candles are supposed to smell like things that smell good, aren’t they? I will FIGHT anyone who tries to tell me that gravy does not smell good.

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For too long we’ve been bogged down by society’s rules about what is and what is not an acceptable candle scent.

This is how I imagine the pitch meetings at candle companies go:




“Sounds great.”


“Of course. Let’s do it.”

“How about a savory scent?”


Seriously—how are we so fine with every sweet-smelling candle under the sun, yet so opposed to anything outside of the dessert realm.

I’d be on board with a bacon candle. Heck, I’d burn a chicken pot pie candle all day long.

I commend KFC for finally having the courage to think outside the scented candle box.

Looks amazing, right? Here’s the catch: You can’t buy it. You can, however, win one. Here’s the other catch: You have to live in the U.K. or Ireland to enter the contest.


KFC, I’m speaking directly to you here: Pleeeeeease take the gravy candle worldwide. We need this.