Ever wish your biscuit was more like a cinnamon roll? You're in luck!
Credit: KFC/Cinnabon

When it comes to winning food combos, fried chicken and biscuits are second only to a burger and fries. Biscuits have been a staple on many a chicken chain menu for practically forever, and KFC is no exception. But what if instead of functioning as a flaky side dish, we could eat dessert biscuits inspired by a mall kiosk instead?

That’s precisely the premise behind a recently-revived collaboration between KFC and Cinnabon. Back after a hiatus, KFC is selling Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits that are an incredibly delicious and decadent take on the longtime Colonel Sanders side. In this case, you start with the classic, flaky KFC biscuit, and then drench that in a Cinnabon-style brown sugar cinnamon glaze and cream cheese frosting. The hope here is that those drizzly ingredients soften the biscuit a bit, using an exquisite canvas to make something scrumptious.

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As implied, this isn’t the first time this no-brainer collaboration between KFC carbohydrates and Cinnabon sugar has been available to the public. The Dessert Biscuits made a limited-time appearance on KFC’s menu in time for Mother’s Day earlier this year, but they’d disappeared by the end of June. Maybe it’s because the holiday season is a time of year where you can pretty much get away with eating whatever you want, but they’re back again for another limited amount of time.

Speaking of eating whatever you want, if you’re on the fence about trying a treacly take on the classic biscuit, KFC will give you four of them for free whenever you order a ten-piece meal or larger. Based on prices the last time around, that’d save you $3. Or you can just pay as you go for $1 each. That’s a pretty fair price to pay to try what may be the best (only?) dessert biscuit you’ve ever had.