We spoke to the country music star about all things wellness.
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Kellie Pickler says her new partnership with Silk is all about encouraging people to be “fit, fabulous, and the healthiest versions of themselves they can be.”

The country music star is hosting a pre-Grammys 7-kilometer race (featuring the longest-ever red carpet) in Pasadena, California—three participants (chosen at random) and their guests will be whisked away for an evening of Hollywood glamour.

“This is going to be a wonderful event,” Pickler told MyRecipes. “And you don’t have to be a runner! Runners, walkers, skippers, and crawlers are all welcome. We’re all gonna get better one step at a time”

Pickler says she tries to keep active despite her busy schedule of performing and co-hosting a talk show, Pickler & Ben.

“I am on the go most of the time, so if I don’t have time for a full workout, I’ll try to squeeze in a little exercise during my workday,” Pickler says. “Whether it’s doing lunges, jump roping, anything is good.”

While fitness is crucial, Pickler says what you put in your body is equally—if not more—important.

Meal prep, she says, is key.

“It really changes everything, especially when you’re traveling a lot,” Pickler says. If we’re not careful, and if we don’t pack the right fuel, there might only be bad fuel available at your next stop.”

She says she’s noticed a huge improvement in her overall health since giving up dairy.

“We don’t have milk in the house at all,” she says. “It even helps with my skin.”

Pickler has been a fan of Silk products for a while now, she says, so a partnership with the plant-based dairy company seemed only natural.

She’s especially partial to the oat milk, which she puts in her overnight oats.

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“I always say, ‘OAT, YEAH,’” Pickler says in a Kool-Aid Man voice, before laughing.

If you’ll be in Pasadena on February 9, and you’re interested in participating in "Run to the Red Carpet,” Silk’s 7-kilometer race, register here.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that the first three people to finish in the "Run to the Red Carpet" race would be chosen for a night of Hollywood glamour. The participants will actually be chosen at random.