So right after my daughter's first birthday party this weekend, I was down for the count with the flu. Spring, where the heck are you? This is the second time I've had the I-can't-bear-to-move flu this season, and I am so over it, you know? Over it. It took three days to start feeling back to semi-normal and have enough energy to be upright this time, and my first thought? I must make dinner! My family had been surviving on leftovers, take-out and The Husband cooking one night, but I felt bad, so I decided if I was going to only accomplish one thing, it was to cook a quick dinner.

As luck would have it, I found the perfect recipe in the February issue of Southern Living magazine. Quick, easy, reasonably healthy and something everyone in the family would eat - exactly what I needed. The only thing I did differently was to use chicken tenderloins, instead of the full breast, so it cooked even faster. My six-year-old son tends to be fickle about chicken (sometimes he eats it like there's no tomorrow, sometimes he acts like I'm feeding him dog food), so the thinner it is, the better chance I have of him eating it. And hey, cooking this dinner was the longest I had stood up in three days, so I wasn't planning on pushing my luck.

Juicy, tender chicken, delicious pasta and a real table-pleaser all around. As they say, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner."